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The University of Washington's College of Built Environments offers two interdisciplinary certificate programs to professional and graduate students within the College:

The Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation considers the issues involved in the theory and practice of preservation. Students seeking to acquire the specialized planning and design skills needed to actively protect historic districts, buildings, and landscapes will find a rich resource in this program.

This 12- to 15-credit interdisciplinary program is available to students accepted for the professional and graduate degree programs in the departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Urban Design and Planning, and for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Urban Design and Planning and the Ph.D. in the Built Environment. There are two tracks in this program, one for students in architecture and the other for students in landscape architecture and urban planning. The curriculum offered by the faculty, which is drawn from the larger College along with visiting lecturers from the preservation community, provides students with a grounding in the history, theories, methods, and practices of historical preservation planning and design.

Further information on the Historic Preservation Program.

The Graduate Certificate in Urban Design focuses on the continuous process of shaping our larger physical environment. A collective activity focusing on aesthetic qualities, urban design serves the cognitive, sensory, and functional needs of people as they use and experience their surroundings. The Urban Design Program offers the interdisciplinary education necessary to lead the implementation of this process (12–15 credits). It sustains the collaboration of professional and graduate programs in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design and Planning. Its products include the design of large projects or downtown settings, as well as of neighborhoods, small towns, and rural areas.

Further information on the Urban Design Program.

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