The College of Built Environments is home to more than 900 students – the next generation of architects, construction managers, landscape architects, real estate experts and urban designers.

Contributions made to scholarships and other types of student support funds elevate the student experience, help relieve the growing cost of higher education and provide more opportunities for program, studio and study abroad programs.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the College distributed more than $480,000 to students through scholarship. This year there were more than 50 corporations and foundations and 420 individuals supporting scholarships.

We thank the many donors who support students by investing in their education. If you would like to support a scholarship fund or learn more about how to establish a fund call 206.685.3751 or email Edgar Gonzalez at

Endowed Student Scholarships and Support Funds

Andrew Eker Endowed Scholarship
Ann McFarlane Stockton Endowed Scholarship Fund
Architectural Foundation Scholarship
Architecture Endowment Fund
Barry Onouye Endowed Chair in Architecture
Betty L. Wagner Endowed Library Fund
Betty L. Wagner Rome Center Endowed Scholarship
Bob Filley Endowed Chair in Real Estate Studies
Bob Filley Endowed Fund for Student Support
Bob Filley Endowed Fund for Student Support
Building Construction Endowment
C. Harold Wirum Endowed Student Support Fund
C. Richard Meyer Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Carl F. Gould Endowment Fund
Carl F. Gould, Jr. Architecture and Children Learning Center Endowed Fund
CBE Dean’s Endowment
Charles F. Clay Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau Memorial Fund
Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
David C. Streatfield Endowed Fund for Student Support in Landscape History
Denice Johnson Hunt Endowed Fund
Department of Architecture Faculty Endowed Scholarship
Department of Architecture Professionals Advisory Council Endowed Program Support Fund
Donald H. Miller Endowed Fellowship in Urban Design and Planning
Donald K. Sakuma Memorial Scholarship Fund
Earl G. Lewis Endowed Student Support Fund
Edward B. Sand Memorial Fund
Elizabeth Ayer Endowed Scholarship Fund in Architecture
Floyd A. Naramore Architectural Memorial
Folke Nyberg Column 5 Editorship Program Endowed Fund
Foster Pepper Endowed Fellowship
Fred Bassetti Endowed Student Support Fund
George and Laurie Schuchart Family Endowed Student Support Fund
Gerald A. Williams Memorial Fund
Gunilla and Jerry Finrow Endowed Fellowship
Guy and Tracy Jaquier Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate Studies
H. Jon and Judith M. Runstad Endowed Fellowship in Real Estate
H. Jon and Judith M. Runstad Endowment for Excellence in Real Estate
Hawaii Student Resident Endowed Support Fund in CBE
Helen and William T. Joiner Endowed Fund in Architecture
Helen and William T. Joiner Endowed Scholarship Fund
Hermann Pundt Memorial Endowed Fellowship
Hilda Blanco Endowed Fellowship in Urban Planning
Hope Foote Endowment Fund
Howard D. Wigle Endowed Fund in Architecture
Howard Wright Endowed Chair in Architecture and Urban Planning
James and Maria Koh Endowed Fund
Jay Bee Fund
Jeannette and David McKinley Endowment for the Design of Future Architectural Environments
Jeffrey Karl Ochsner and Sandra Lynn Perkins Endowed Fellowship in Architecture and Preservation
John E. Schaufelberger Endowed Fund for Student Research
John L. Hancock Endowed Paper Prize in Urban Design and Planning
John M. Bernhard Endowed Fund
John Morse Graduate Fellowship Endowment for International Travel
John R. and Virginia P. Sproule Endowed Architecture Scholarship
Johnston – Hastings Publication Support Endowed Fund
Johnston/Hastings Endowment for Faculty Research Travel
Jones & Jones Endowed Fellowship Fund
Karla and Gary L. Waterman Endowment in Urban Real Estate
Kennedy Associates Endowed Professorship in Real Estate Studies
Kiyoshi Seike Endowed Fellowship
L. Arnie Chinn Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
L. Jane Hastings Endowed Scholarship
Landscape Architecture Design/Build Endowed Scholarship
Landscape Architecture Endowment Fund
Larry Case Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Architecture
Lee and Rolaine Copeland Endowed Fellowship in Urban Design
Linda Nordstrom Endowed Fellowship in Real Estate Studies
Lionel H. Pries Distinguished Lecturer Fund
Lionel H. Pries Endowed Fellowship in Pacific Northwest Architectural History
Lovett Rolfe Endowment in Community Development and Real Estate
Mahlum Endowed Lecture Fund
Marga Rose Hancock Endowed Scholarship for Diversity
Mary and Gordon Varey Memorial Endowed Fund
Matsutaro Kawaguchi Endowed Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Myer Wolfe Endowed Fund
Minigan Family Endowed Award
Mitchell Cushman Endowed Scholarship in Urban Planning
Mithun/Russell Family Foundation Endowed Professorship in Sustainability
Mitsu and William O. Fukui Memorial Endowed Diversity Scholarship
MG2 Diversity Scholarship
MG2 Endowed Diversity Scholarship
Neal F. Lessenger Rome Center Endowed Scholarship
Nesholm Family Endowed Fellowship in Architecture
Norman “Bud” Aehle and Charllotte A. Aehle Endowed Fund
Norman J. Johnston Endowed Scholarship
Omer Mithun Endowed Fund
Otani Family Endowed Scholarship
P. D. Koon Professorship in Construction Management
Pacific Northwest Center for Construction Research and Education Endowment
Paul Heather Endowed Fund for Student Recognition
Perry B. Johanson Family Endowed Fund
Plestcheeff Endowment for Decorative Arts
Rae Tufts Endowed Student Support Fund
Real Estate UW Endowment
Rebecca J. Griego Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Richard A. Nellis and Julia L. Nellis Endowed Scholarship Fund
Richard and Stephanie Eberharter Endowed Scholarship
Richard Haag Endowed Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Robert and Jean Reid Construction Management Program Endowment
Robin M. Towne Endowed Scholarship
Roland Terry Endowment for International Travel
Rolland Simpson Endowed Fund for Architecture
Sally Schauman Student Support Fund
Scan | Design Foundation Endowed Chair in Built Environments
Scan | Design Foundation Endowment for Student Exchange
Sellen Construction Endowed Scholarship in Building Construction Fund
Terry Clark Gerrard Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
The Charles Winthrop Lea, III, Memorial Scholarship
The Margaret and Fritz Wagner Family Endowed Fellowship
The Miller Hull Partnership Endowed Student Support Fund
The Walter H. McAninch Endowed Scholarship
Three-Sixty Fund Endowed Fellowship
Tony Callison Memorial Endowed Fund
Unico Properties Endowed Fellowship for Diversity
Urban Design and Planning Endowment Fund
Wells Fargo Bank Endowed Fellowship in Real Estate Studies
William Alpert Endowed Fund for the Decorative Arts and Interior Design
William T. Caine Memorial Fund
Wolfe Family Endowed Fellowship