BE Certificates

Interdisciplinary Certificates

Students in the College of Built Environments may supplement their professional degree with a certificate awarded in one of these three interdisciplinary programs.

Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

The GCHP curriculum emphasizes the field of historic preservation and related developments in allied fields that address the multiplicity of issues in the identification, evaluation, and protection of cultural resources. The Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation is intended to enhance the education of matriculated UW graduate and professional students beyond their regular course of study. This certificate program is open to all UW graduate students to allow those with allied interests to incorporate preservation knowledge and skills in their future careers, expanding the reach of this discipline which is integral to our cultural knowledge and future cities, suburbs, and rural districts.

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Urban Design Certificate

The Urban Design Program provides an opportunity for students in professional and doctoral degrees in the College of Built Environments to specialize in urban design. For students in design degrees this exposes them to larger-scale issues (street, neighborhood, city, regional); for students in planning degrees this helps them develop design awareness and design skills. The certificate is designed to fit within degree electives, though may require additional time (one to three quarters) at the University of Washington, especially for students without a sufficient design background.

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Graduate Certificate in Real Estate

The two-quarter program offers non-real estate UW graduate students an opportunity to learn the fundamental concepts and tools critical in the workings of real estate markets while helping them understand how their own fields of study can be useful in real estate.

Procedures for application to the graduate degree programs are detailed in individual departmental prospectuses. Applicants intending to pursue the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate are also encouraged to contact the program office for further information.

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