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Printing / Plotting

Dawg Prints self-serve printers

CBE has two self-serve printing stations provided by UW Creative Communications. The BE Library (Gould 334) has a black & white laser printer, while the Digital Commons (Gould 007) has a color laser printer. Both printers are stocked with 8.5" x 11" (letter) and 11" x 17" (tabloid) paper; the Digital Commons printer also supports 8.5" x 14" (legal) paper.

Each station has a card reader that takes Husky Cards, Dawg Prints Cards, or Department Cards (for CBE faculty/staff) for payment, and a computer to manage print jobs.

For more information (including printing costs), have a look at:

How to Print from a BE Lab Using the Dawg Prints Printing System

Gould Hall CBE Student Color Plotter

Quick Plotting Tips

We also have an HP DesignJet Z6100PS plotter with 36-inch wide paper that can be accessed from computers in the Gould Hall computing labs (as "Student Color Plotter"). Since this is a delicate piece of equipment, it is not self-serve like the Pharos printer.

The plotter is intended for use by CBE students. However, individuals outside CBE (but associated with the University) may visit the Digital Commons and plot to the plotter on a non-interfering basis, with the understanding that non-CBE plot jobs will be lowered in priority to accommodate CBE student needs. Please note that the CBE plotting service is not able to support large-volume plotting for classes outside the College of Built Environments. Non-CBE classes needing plotting services should use the general-access facilities in Odegaard and Mary Gates Hall.

To pick up a plot, go to the help desk in the Digital Commons. We generally have this desk staffed from late mornings through afternoons on weekdays (the busiest period for plotting), although this is somewhat dependent upon other staff duties and the availability of student staff. If there's nobody at the desk, simply follow the instructions posted at the help desk to arrange to pick up your plot.

The charge for plots produced on this plotter is $2.00 per running foot, rounded to the nearest foot for majors/grad students/faculty/staff in the College of Built Environments, and $6.00 per running foot for UW students/faculty/staff who are not part of CBE. The length of a plot is measured by the length of paper used, not the image size on the plot.

Please note that if you produce a plot, you'll need to pay for it unless there's a problem with the system that caused it to plot incorrectly. So please preview your plots to be sure that you're sending what you intend to send to the plotter.

There are two ways for you to pay for plots:

Department Lab Printing / Plotting

The several departments have printing and/or plotting facilities available to students in their departments.

In Landscape Architecture, these facilities are generally managed by students, so if you're a Landscape Architecture student, you might ask around for information on how the facilities are currently configured, and how to use them. Of course, you can always send a help request to as well.

In the Architecture department, there are Archnet printers and plotters available in Architecture Hall and in various Architecture studio spaces.

For information on the Archnet printing and plotting system, have a look at:

Archnet Printing and Plotting